An Unusual Story of Hypnotherapy Weight Loss

by Raggi on August 11, 2011

Kerry Down knew 51 was too young to have a heart attack. Weighing in at 15 stone, she knew that she needed to lose weight immediately if she wanted to have any chance at life. Worse yet, her 29-year-old daughter, Amy, weighed a hefty 17 stone, so the risks were great for her as well. They had tried every diet in the book to no avail. Then, one day, they met with a hypnotherapist. 

Over the course of five sessions, a hypnosis therapist put them into a deep trance and talked with them in great detail about lap band surgery. He persuaded them to believe they had been fitted with gastric bands, which restricted their stomachs to the size of a mere golf ball. They were given golf balls to carry around with them to keep in mind what their “new stomachs” were like. He also convinced them that foods like deep-fried battered fish and chips would taste absolutely disgusting.

Amy explained, “Even though you are aware that the surgery didn’t actually happen, you believe that your stomach is smaller. “ She adds that she hasn’t touched crisps, garlic bread or chocolate since she started her hypnotherapy for weight loss. In fact, she hasn’t even craved them, she says! “It’s given me a new outlook on food,” she tells The Mirror.  They now eat meals off saucer-sized plates and feel full. They eat complete meals like chicken, vegetables and potatoes, but their portions are appropriately sized now.

As they say, “the proof is in the pudding.” So how did the ladies do with their £425 hypnosis course? Since March, Kerry dropped 34 pounds and Amy lost 38 pounds so far – and counting! Compared to expensive gastric bypass surgery, a bypass by clinical hypnosis is quite a steal!

Would you like to try hypnotherapy for weight loss? Call me today for more information!

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