Self Hypnosis CD’s – Coming 2010 if offering Hypnotherapy on CD.  Please call in order to discuss your therapy needs.

Using your Self -Hypnosis recordings

Some useful suggestions to get the most out of your self hypnosis recordings

Q. Where?

A. Find a time and a place when you are not likely to be disturbed, or distracted. Ideally, switch off the outside world – disconnect phones, switch off the TV. Self hypnosis recordings can be listened to anywhere but the more peaceful and quiet the surroundings the better the result. Never listen whilst driving or operating machinery

Q. When?

A. Listen during the day, or night just before bedtime, or before falling asleep. However some sessions have specific tracks for daytime and bedtime listening. Best to listen to them a while after consuming food and not just after a heavy meal.

Q. How- sitting down or laying down?

A. Any posture as long as you are comfortable will work. If you are lying down as you listen you may fall asleep, especially at bedtime. This is perfectly fine- they will work as you sleep. If sitting down ensure your feet are placed firmly on the floor, your hands resting comfortably in your lap, and your back is supported.

Q. How often?

A. I recommend listening to them every day for at least a fortnight, and then often as you feel necessary.  With this in mind listen at least three times a week at times other than bedtimes.

Q. How long are the recordings?

A. 25 to 45 minutes, generally. Each session information sheet will suggest the length of time required.

Q. How quickly should I expect to see results?

A. Results can be fast and quite miraculous. However, you will need to listen to them repeatedly to gain full benefit. As with going to the Gym – in time things get easier.

Q. Can I use headphones?

A. It is up to you.