Can Hypnotherapy Help Me Quit Smoking?

by Raggi on February 24, 2011

Quitting smoking with hypnotherapy is one of the easiest ways to kick the habit. It takes unprecedented amounts of determination, self-confidence, and courage to overcome what is, for many, a lifelong (and mostly unconscious) habit. What better way to attack the root cause of your love for smoking than by tapping the subconscious with hypnotherapy?

Physically, you’ll be going through a lot of changes, but beneficial ones. Just 20 minutes after quitting, your blood pressure decreases, your heart rate decreases, and the body temperature in your extremities increases. After eight hours, the carbon monoxide level in your blood drops and oxygenation improves. At 24 hours, your risk of heart attack decreases and at 48 hours, nerve endings begin their re-growth and your ability to smell and taste improves. Within a few weeks, circulation and lung functioning will improve. After a month, the physical withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking – cravings, irritability, headaches, confusion, cough, sore throat, constipation, dry mouth, chest tightness, fatigue and anxiety — will subside. Now the real work begins!

While you’re coping with the urge to go back to smoking, it’s important to see a trained hypnotherapist to add more valuable tools to your arsenal. During hypnotherapy stop smoking treatment, you will encounter deep relaxation and freedom from anxiety. As your body relaxes, your mind becomes more acute and ready to accept suggestion. When I describe how you’re going to live a healthier, happier life free of nicotine, you receive my message openly and begin to truly believe it. While you’re in this altered state, we’ll talk about the reasons why you began smoking and continued to smoke. I’ll use hypnotic suggestions to counter many of your deeply rooted beliefs and replace them with reasons not to smoke. We’ll disconnect emotional attachment to destructive behaviors and find alternative pleasures to replace your old vice. Hypnosis therapy is a proven, powerful method to help you succeed in your greatest challenge to date. Even if all else has failed, you can live smoke-free with a little hypnotic help.

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