Can’t believe its February

by Raggi on February 2, 2010

I hear you, I know everyone has said this at least once so far this month – ok so where are we – hows the resolutions doing –  minds re-programmed yet – did anyone realise this is exactly what we should be doing – remember its not all about what you shouldn’t do its all about what you should do.  Our minds work like computers therefore we should be re programming them.  How many time have you thought you shouldn’t smoke and then want to smoke that much more hmmmmm how about waking up in the morning and just thinking about all those foods you shouldn’t eat – what do you do –  you eat them – quit the diet industry and start believing in the power of your mind.  Remember it was you who started smoking, the cigarette never pushed it self on you  so only you can stop.  The pizza never jumped on you it was you jumped on the pizza – it all goes back to being about you being in control of you and not letting Cigarettes – Food – Money – Fears control you.  Ever heard anyone say me me me its all about me?

Hey hows the marathon training going anyone? – this is not just about being physically fit but mentally fit too

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