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Kick Your Fears With Hypnotist Therapy

It’s hard to imagine a martial artist being afraid of anything, really, let alone… bananas? Twenty-three-year-old Paula Ross of Kilmarnock, Ayrshire said she had been deathly afraid of bananas for as long as she could remember.  Her parents forced her to eat one of those yellow monstrosities as a toddler and she’s developed a phobia […]

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The Daily Mail Recommends Hypnotherapy To Treat Phobias

I came across an interesting article in The Daily Mail about phobias. The article discussed whether phobias were learned behaviors or whether we’re born with these deep-seated fears. The conclusion is that we largely develop our phobias in relation to acquired fears from family and friends, as well as our own stressful encounters. The good […]

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January Blues? Anyone

Hmmm; those January Blues coming to get you! They’ve kicked in for most. OK, lets look into this; a bit of comfort eating (yum that pizza was just tooooo good), but went to the gym only to find there were way too many people there, no treadmills free, so decided you clearly weren’t meant to […]

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