Combat Post-Holiday Burn-Out With Hypnotherapy

by Raggi on January 13, 2011

The holidays can really drain us. Tension headaches, fatigue, irritability, and depression are all outward manifestations of our troubled inner state. I find that hypnotherapy works a lot like meditation to release you from the residual post-holiday stress you carry inside. You may knowingly understand that stress is bad for you, but it can be hard to “just let go” and relax. That’s where I come in.

Nothing is more relaxing than a journey into the subconscious mind. Through the calm, reassuring tone of my voice and vivid, pleasant imagery, I can ease you into an altered state that is comfortable, but productive. Your heart rate will decrease as you take deep, calming breaths.

I know they say hypnosis is like a “deep sleep,” but actually, your mind is more alert and less prone to daydreaming while you’re hypnotized. During this time, you’re able to think deeply, recall memories, talk freely, and even perform actions. Don’t worry: I won’t make you stand on chairs, yell at your hand, or do any of those antics that stage magicians do. I will just talk to you about your life, your sources of stress, your perceptions, your emotions, and your goals for the near future.

Together, we’ll find an escape from the stress that’s been eating away at you. You’ll voluntarily let go of negativity and embrace new ideas about how to move forward into the New Year. Sometimes I’ll tell a story and guide you through pleasing imagery, which deepens your level of relaxation and creates neural pathways back to this place of peace. When you return from your journey into hypnosis, you will feel as though you’ve had the best night’s sleep of your life, even though the session has not been very long at all. Most people remember everything we talked about during the hypnosis therapy session and the emotions associated with that conversation. You can then approach the world with a new frame of mind, a positive attitude, and freedom from stress. Hypnosis may not be magic, but it sure feels like it. Try hypnosis and experience it for yourself.

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