Hypnosis Aids Anesthesia In Surgery

by Raggi on August 25, 2011

Belgian researchers have discovered that hypnosis plus localized anesthesia can be substituted for certain surgeries that typically require the use of general anesthesia. They examined the use of hypnotherapy in patients undergoing surgical procedures for breast cancer and thyroid treatments, specifically. Furthermore, researchers found that hypnosis techniques:

  • Sped up healing
  • Shortened hospital time
  • Reduced the need for post-surgery opioid drugs
  • Decreased costs of the procedures
  • Improved patient satisfaction and comfort levels

What Researchers Are Saying About Hypnosis Therapy: 

There is still a lot of debate around the exact mechanism that allows hypnosis to reduce pain perception, but what is absolutely clear is that it does so.” – Fabienne Roelants, study author, professor and researcher Cliniques Universitaires St. Luc

Imagine you are driving your car. You suddenly realize how far you have driven, but for a long time your mind has been elsewhere. This is extremely common, and is nothing more, nor less, than a mild hypnotic trance, a modified state of consciousness, with a different perception of the world. The principle of hypnosis is to focus one’s attention on one particular point.” – Dr. Christine Watremez, study co-author, researcher at Cliniques Universitaires St. Luc

Who Can Be Hypnotized? 

The authors found that neither age, nor gender, affected the successfulness of the treatment. What was most important was that the patients were willing to trust the doctors and undergo the process.

What Processes Can Be Helped By Clinical Hypnosis? 

During the study, cancer patients were undergoing partial mastectomies, sentinel node biopsies, or lymph node removal through the armpit. Thyroid gland removal was the procedure for other patients. In all cases, hypnosis patients fared much better in terms of recovery. Researchers are also looking into applying their findings to: carotid artery surgery, egg retrieval for fertility, gynecological surgery, knee arthroscopy and plastic surgery.

Do you have more questions about hypnosis for pain management? I’d be happy to answer them.

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