Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy

by Raggi on January 27, 2011

Losing weight with hypnotherapy is not a magic cure-all. I can’t really talk you out of carrying that extra twenty to two-hundredpounds. What I can do is provide you with a proven tool to improve your success. It’s important to remember that all hypnosis is self hypnosis. When we meet, you will either decide you’re going to be successful or you’re not. With hypnotherapy for weight loss, my objectives are to:

  • Find the root cause of your unhealthy eating
  • Discourage you from negative and unhealthy thought patterns that lead to your destructive behaviors
  • Release you from obstacles that have prevented weight loss in the past
  • Leave you with positive inspiration to boost your motivation
  • Train your mind to accept new healthier thoughts about eating
  • Help you visualize success

So much of weight loss is about visualization, keeping a positive attitude, and staying motivated in the face of temptation. If you’re curious about exactly how hypnotherapy for weight loss works, you can best understand by looking at what MRI scans have revealed about the brain under hypnosis.

While hypnotized, London psychologist John Gruzelier found that subjects had:

  • Increased activity in the cerebral cortex, which controls higher executive functions like reasoning, emotions, problem solving, movement, visual processing, memory, and processing stimuli
  • Increased activity in the anterior cingulate gyrus, which detects errors, evaluates emotional outcomes, anticipates rewards, makes decisions, processes empathy, monitors conflict, and motivates action.
  • Increased activity on the left side of the prefrontal cortex, an area associated with high-level gating and filtering processes like selecting, maintaining, updating, and re-routing information, as well as regulating emotional responses.
  • Increased activity in the basal ganglia, which controls appetite, habitual behaviors, procedural learning, eye movements, motor control and emotional functioning.
  • Decreased activity in the “default network” (the medial frontal, the lateral parietal and the posterior cingulate regions of the cortex) – the parts of the brain associated with daydreaming or letting the mind wander freely.
  • Decreased activity in the primary sensory cortex – the part of the brain that perceives pain.

As you can see, hypnotherapy creates favorable conditions in the brain to facilitate the change you need to curb your appetite, stay firm in your resolve, and lose weight. “Mind over matter” will help you succeed!

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