Man Cures Food Addiction With Hypnotherapy

by Raggi on July 14, 2011

David Harding, an accountant and father-of-three from Greenwich knew he had a problem. The thought of not having McWhinney’s Irish pork sausages for dinner was enough to send him into a mad rage. He demanded not just one or two of these bangers – but thirteen – each day. A day without pork sausages was a day not worth living, Mr. Harding imagined.

He told The Metro, “Drug addicts crave their medicine of choice, and it’s the same for me – except that my drug is a banger.” He reckons he’s had at least one sausage every day since he was five years old. These days, it costs him around £700 a year to keep the Irish pork sausages coming down his gullet.

Though he doesn’t see anything wrong with loving sausages, he knows he needs to get a handle on his uncontrollable cravings. So he began using hypnotherapy to cure his mental addiction. All told, it cost him about £2,000 for his therapy sessions, but it’s worth it (in saved food expenses and saved medical expenses) if he can curb his compulsions once and for all.

Hypnotherapy works to curb food addictions by helping people with impulse control and the emotional factors that go into eating. People learn to reduce stress and fight insomnia that may contribute to overeating. Through Neuro-Linguistic Programming, patients find alternative sources of internal happiness that are not contingent on a particular food. When patients are in a state of deep relaxation, they become more suggestible to adopting healthy eating habits, too.

Is food controlling your life?

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