Service Members Enlist The Help Of A Hypnosis Therapist

by Raggi on June 30, 2011

Members of the armed forces often come home to a whole new world. Adjustment to everyday life can be surprisingly difficult to individuals who have literally been through the hell of war and back. While their bodies have become fine-tuned instruments through grueling exercise and rigorous physical demands, their minds sometimes suffer with post-traumatic stress. This is where the work of a licensed hypnosis therapist begins.

What Does Hypnotherapy Feel Like?

The state of mind you reach with a hypnosis therapist is just like that naturally occurring state right before you fall asleep and right as you’re waking up. This realm is more open to suggestion, less inhibited by stress and better able to accommodate changes to the internal script of the mind. Perhaps that’s why people who have tried conventional psychotherapy and left dissatisfied say hypnosis therapist sessions are more productive.

How Can Hypnosis Techniques Help Returning Soldiers?

Hypnotherapy reached its peak popularity following World War II, when it was used not just as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, but as an anesthetic too.  A hypnosis therapist can help returning soldiers deal with loss, leave haunting memories behind and combat post-traumatic stress. Since the suicide rate is so high for veterans, special care should be taken even if individuals “feel fine.” Sometimes triggers can surface much later, causing deep-rooted phobias to emerge or sending soldiers into the dregs of depression. Service members can also use hypnotherapy sessions to quit smoking, deal with anxiety and insomnia, overcome addiction to prescription painkillers and lose weight. While in a trance-like state, patients learn how to cope with troubling experiences, reprogram their thought processes and see alternate perspectives. They can also learn to identify stress triggers and make better choices when put into stressful situations.

Adjust to life after the service with a few hypnotherapy sessions.

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