Who Benefits From Past Life Regression Therapy?

  • Are you experiencing extreme relationship issues, without being able to pinpoint a cause for your unhappiness? Are you perplexed as to why the same sort of negative situations keep recurring in relationship after relationship?
  • Do you have a deep-seated fear of losing someone you care about, even though you’ve had no experiences or logical rationale to connect it back to?
  • Have you been suffering from unexplained pain, asthma, or nodules?
  • Do you believe in karma and the idea of “what goes around comes around?”
  • Are there recurring patterns of failure in your professional or personal life?
  • Do you suffer from regular depression, anger, irritation or guilt?

Is Past Life Regression Therapy Real or Make-Believe?

Accessing memories from your past life is as simple as accessing a memory of an event experienced a few days or years ago. Our emotions create imprints on our souls that we carry in our subconscious mind. A 1976 study found that 40 percent of hypnotizable subjects described new identities and produced detailed descriptions of “past lives.” Spiritually-minded past life regression therapists say this is proof of reincarnation. Other psychoanalysts believe the stories that come out of past life regression therapy are cobbled together from deep desires, idealized self images, fictional characters, television and authority figures.

Whether you interpret the experience as “real” or “imaginary” — even if you don’t believe in the idea of reincarnation — past life regression therapists leave you with life lessons that help break unwanted cycles. You will leave feeling refreshed, with a better understanding of cause, effect and your role in it. Your deepest visions of yourself and the change you’d like to see are revealed to you during hypnotherapy, which can bring about improved focus and a new direction for your life.

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