Weight Loss

When combined with a healthy lifestyle plan, hypnosis helps you lose weight naturally and easily. The age-old practice of hypnosis therapy for weight loss reprograms the mind to let go of stubborn cravings and embrace a new way of looking at food.

What Happens During Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss?

Hypnotists for weight loss take you through two levels. First, hypnosis cleanses you of all the bad habits and false beliefs that prevented your weight loss in the past. After all, weight loss is an emotional battle, first and foremost. Many of us eat for comfort, happiness, or in reaction to stress, and often, we don’t know when to stop. We may have past traumas or negative thoughts that hold us hostage to the instant gratification of food.

Secondly, hypnosis helps you move forward by developing new, beneficial habits and beliefs. Nutrition is an important part of hypnosis therapy for weight loss. In my space, you will learn how to feed your mind, emotions and spirit. You will learn the recipe for emotional nutrition that brings more balance and well being to your life.

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Why Try Hypnotherapy To Lose Weight?

  • It’s cheaper than a gym membership or dietician
  • It targets the root cause of cravings and weight gain
  • It enhances self-esteem and enriches the spirit
  • It complements other weight loss treatments
  • It trains you to think more positively
  • Research indicates hypnosis is a powerful tool to assist in weight loss