The Daily Mail Recommends Hypnotherapy To Treat Phobias

by Raggi on April 7, 2011

I came across an interesting article in The Daily Mail about phobias. The article discussed whether phobias were learned behaviors or whether we’re born with these deep-seated fears. The conclusion is that we largely develop our phobias in relation to acquired fears from family and friends, as well as our own stressful encounters. The good news is, however, that they can be cured!

“The third option, one I’ve used with great success, is hypnosis,” writes Ursula James. “This places the patient in an extremely relaxed state, at which point they can be exposed to their phobic trigger. As both the level of relaxation and the exposure to the phobic trigger is controlled, what we’re effectively doing is rewriting their response to that trigger. With simple self-­hypnosis techniques, the ­aeroplane that once inspired blind panic can now be boarded calmly.”

In my practice, I use hypnotherapy to help people overcome all sorts of phobias – everything from spiders, germs and airplane travel to crowded elevators, intimacy and public speaking events. Sometimes you see therapists forcing people to confront their phobias – like holding a fat hairy tarantula in the palm of their hands repeatedly until the fear reaches its boiling point and eventually subsides. That notion seems like going from riding a bicycle to driving a car with no formal training whatsoever. Hypnotherapy gives you the mental and emotional tools you need to overcome your phobias in a comfortable way. It gets right to the root of the problem, no matter how deeply you’ve buried it. It replaces negative associations with positive ones. Cure your phobias now – call 07970 926 645 or email for a free consultation.

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