Use Hypnosis to Ease the Emotional Toll of Cancer

by Raggi on May 5, 2011

Did you know hypnosis is being used to ease the mental and emotional stresses of being diagnosed with cancer? The Wishaw Press recently reported that patients were reporting excellent results with newly introduced hypnosis therapy. Hypnosis helps patients with pain, symptom control and depression, not to mention all the lifestyle changes they need to make at once – smoking, dietary changes and limited mobility.

Patients are fully aware during their hypnosis sessions, but they are put into a comfortable daydream-like state where emotions become more manageable. A one to two hour hypnotherapy session may ask you to see your pain as a dial that you have control over. Or you may listen as I describe a place of happiness, well-being and security that you can mentally retreat to when the going gets tough. I may suggest methods you can use for pain control, relieving stress or calming anxiety during your hypnosis therapy as well.

Hypnosis is not designed to take the place of traditional medical therapy, but rather, it serves a wonderful complement to the other treatments you’re receiving. Conventional medicine addresses physical symptoms, but falls short of providing the mental support needed to heal. In my practice, I treat not only the cancer patients themselves, but also their family members and caregivers who are suffering as well. Try hypnosis to relax, feel well-rested and tap into your well of inner strength. If you’re grappling with all these new emotions, don’t hesitate to contact me. My cost-effective methods have been helping patients for more than 10 years.

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