What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

by Raggi on September 15, 2011

The hypnotist often gets a bad rap. People either laugh or feel unsettled when they hear that a loved one or a friend is seeing a hypnotherapist. The practice is gaining widespread acceptance in medical circles, but the general public still hasn’t warmed up to the idea that mind over matter is a real thing just yet. Truth be told, there is nothing hokey or scary about hypnosis at all.

The Setting

You’re listening to the sound of a soothing voice on a comfortable leather couch in a cozy room. It’s like being at a friend’s house.

The Process

You’ll be asked a few general questions about why you’ve come and what you hope to achieve. Next, you close your eyes and go through a series of guided breathing and relaxation techniques. You’ll be fully aware of everything that’s going on, but you will feel a bit like you’re in a dream. Everything the hypnotherapist tells you while you’re under will be positive reinforcement and very repetitive.

The Buzz

When you return to consciousness, an hour will have passed, but you’ll feel like it was just 10 minutes or so. You feel surprisingly well-rested and clear-minded — as though you’ve taken the most refreshing nap ever. You also feel extremely good – warm, empowered, exuberant. It’s as if you’ve just relived ten of your best moments in succession. You feel relaxed and totally at ease.

The Aftermath

Usually it takes a couple of sessions to really cement the new way of thinking into your mind. After all, no change occurs overnight. The idea is that, later in life, you will think back to your hypnosis session and remember the lessons learned there. For example, if you had been bitten and developed a fear of dogs, you might see a dog after your hypnosis phobia treatment and be filled with pleasant memories of playing with the family pet as a child, when dogs weren’t so scary to you. If you have self-confidence problems while playing tennis, you might take the “I can do this” attitude with you to your next match.

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