Corporate Clients

Raggi contacted us offering us Hypnotherapy, we took her offer as a trial for staff incentives and over the last 3 months we have had a total of 15 sessions which have not only benefited our staff but have benefited the business in many avenues.  Over this period we have managed to use her services to help staff give up smoking which in turn saves us man hours, we have helped one of our staff overcome insomnia which naturally produces good results for us, there have been group session for those staff members who needed confidence boosters when sales are lacking along with those who came back to work in January wanting to lose weight.

Using has only benefited us and I would really recommend you speak to Raggi to see how she can help you and your business.

Raggi Gandham has been qualified in Hypnotherapy for over a decade. Jennifer at Time & Leisure visited her in her private practice for help with giving up smoking to boost her fitness levels as she is training for a 10K race for charity. After just one visit she has now been nicotine free for over four weeks and is proof that hypnotherapy can really change your life and more importantly your health.