Raggi. What can I say you are amazing? I am happy to inform you that I am on day 15 and have been completely cigarette free. I can’t tell you how grateful I am. As you know I have tried everything to stop and have failed miserably until now. I have even been out to a couple of Christmas parties and found it easy not to smoke. I will see you in the New Year to work your miracles on my weight loss as I know I will have over indulged in the festive season.  –Sam Strickley

I went to see Raggi for a hypnotherapy session to help me with my phobia of speaking in public. She immediately made me feel relaxed and comfortable. She is genuinely interested in helping people and you know as soon as you meet her you are in safe hands. I felt totally at ease throughout the entire session and Raggi’s voice is very calming and soothing. The 50-minutes went really quickly and I was so relaxed I didn’t want it to end!

Since then I have noticed a difference in the way I am when I do public speaking. I don’t feel anywhere near as anxious as I used to before the event and when I’m standing in front of my audience I feel confident and comfortable. Thank you Raggi for helping me with this phobia which was starting to take over my life. I now feel ready to take on new and exciting challenges, all thanks to you. I definitely recommend Raggi’s hynotherapy sessions. A great personality with a great talent!  Danielle

“After 20 years, of at least 10 a day, I don’t smoke and it is all thanks to Raggi. I live in Bangkok and when I heard Raggi was in town, I begged for an appointment. The only slot possible was between 2 days before New Year’s Eve – not the easiest time to resist, but I walked away from Raggi a non-smoker – and haven’t stopped walking on! The whole process is very gentle, very pleasant and quite uplifting. Anyone who says “I can’t be hynotised” just needs some time with Raggi and they will be proven wrong and they will get through whatever problem needs resolving. With 2 young children and years of trying to quit the fags, Raggi helped make the process easy – total genius.” ~ Tara